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Business Card Printing - Name Card Design : Deliver to Kuala Lumpur  Selangor   Klang Velley  Johor  Melaka  Negeri Sembilan Pahang  Kelantan  Terengganu  Perak  Kedah  Pulau Langkawi  Pulau Penang

Terengganu  Perlis  Sabah  Sarawak

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Frequent Asked Questions - Billing & Payment

1. How do I pay for my order?
CNB Network is practicing pay in advance system. You need make a payment before we process to printing.


2. How do I report a billing error to us?
Send us an email or call our Customer Service for reporting the error. Describe the problem to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


3. What is CNB Network account number?


Malaysia:     Maybank Berhad - 5123 - 6115 - 6462   ( CNB Network)

Malaysia:     Public Berhad - 3176 - 0088 - 21   ( CNB Network)

Singapore : DBS Bank - 0251 - 0464 - 28  (LEU CHIEN BOON)


4. Should I email or fax the bank slip after deposit the payment?

Yes, we would appreciate if you indicate the bank slip by email to or fax to 07 - 434 8202 for your account purpose.


5. Can we make payment after receive goods?

We have bad experience that customers receive goods without make payment or delay payment over 6 months. We rather prefer offer lower price and collect payment in advance.